KDE Brainstorm: after the launch

Now that the KDE Brainstorm has been launched, it’s time to take a look at the results so far. Currently, the forum hosts 160 threads, approximately one for each idea, and 441 posts. Not bad for the first two days of operation. At the same time, the staff has been working hard to make sure only appropriate ideas (not bug reports, not duplicates…) are on the forum. People have also begun voting, although slowly: it’s understandable, given the fact that there are so many threads in so little time.

There are still some issues here and there. We understand that right now you’re forced to take a look at each thread to see the votes, but our plugin guru sayakb is currently working into that: hopefully you’ll see votes next to threads very soon! Remember, your input is also important to improve Brainstorm, so make sure you let us know if you find a bug or have any request.

I’m satisfied, so far. It clearly shows that there was a need to request features (also shown by Aaron’s post on openFATE a while ago) without clogging up Bugzilla. In a while, we’ll make sure that the most voted features will get forwarded to the relevant developers. As I said on the Dot story, I’m hoping this can bring users and developers more close together, and build a better community.

Last but not least, thanks go to KDE itself for being awesome, to OhReally, bcooksley and neverendingo for administering the forum, to sayakb for design and plugin magic, tkoski for moderation and more PHP, to msoeken and the rest of the mentor group. It’s always a pleasure to work with you guys!

6 thoughts on “KDE Brainstorm: after the launch

  1. Dragon

    Does KDE Look -> KDE4 Brainstorm ideas appears in the forum or is this there no connection between them?

  2. TheBlackCat

    Are the developers not planning on checking the forum themselves to see what ideas are available?

  3. metellius

    One thing that has to be changed: adding a vote should not require you to reload the page.

    Set in perspective, you can even add a new post without reloading the page, but just adding a vote requires you two go through a “thanks for your vote, you will now be redirected” two-step process.
    For inspiration look at digg and the way voting up and down is handled there.

  4. metellius

    Also, it would be nice if you could reduce the minimum search length to three characters. As the ark maintainer, I’m interested in searching for “ark” among the brainstorming posts, but cannot do so because the minimum length is set to four characters!

  5. Einar

    @metellius: Regarding search, I’ll turn the question to our forum admins. Once tagging is implemented, it’ll also become easier (hopefully). As for the voting, I’ll talk with our plugin guru (sayakb) and figure out a better solution.

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