4.10 Beta 2 packages available for openSUSE

The KDE community has just released Beta 2 of the upcoming 4.10 release of the Development Platform, Workspaces, and Applications. Of course, distributions are providing binary packages for the adventurous… and how could the green distro be left out?

In fact, it is not. Beta 2 packages were uploaded and built in the KDE:Distro:Factory repository. Updated packages have also been submitted to the development version of openSUSE (Factory) as the ultimate goal is having 4.10 in openSUSE 12.3.

Before attempting to install them, be aware that:

  • This release is mostly aimed at contributors and testers to ensure that the final version is as polished as possible

  • You should expect bugs of all forms and kinds

  • It is not officially supported by openSUSE

If you understand all of the above, add KDE:Distro:Factory from YaST or zypper (see the link above; in case of zypper, use zypper ar -f <linktorepo> <reponame>), then trigger an upgrade using your method of choice (in the case of zypper, zypper dup --from <reponame>; don’t forget the --from!).

In case you find something that is not working and you are not sure, try posting your impressions in this special area at the KDE Community Forums, and afterwards file a bug on bugs.kde.org (as detailed as possible). Feel free to report packaging errors (not bugs in the software) on the opensuse-kde mailing list or on IRC (#opensuse-kde on Freenode).

Happy testing!

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