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Unexpected Christmas gifts: THE IDOLM@ASTER

Sometimes Christmas presents are really unexpected, and today I found out I was given one such gift: the limited edition of THE IDOLM@STER 2, PS3 version. It was quite a bulky box, showing all the main characters from the game (and from the recently-ended anime) (click to enlarge):

Side showing Chihaya, Hibiki and Azusa
Of course, having such a box means that there’s a lot of stuff inside. In fact, once opened, there are two game BDs (one being the actual game, the second being the first volume of Gravure for you! starring Haruka), a soundtrack (no songs, though), a booklet, a number of postcards (mine were showing Iori’s ending from episode 2 of the TV series), a booklet and also the first BD of the anime version:
It turns out the BD is also one of the limited editions, with a nice cover and more goodies, including a small booklet and a CD with the songs heard in the episodes:
And here are the postcards:
What about the game itself? Well, I have played it only briefly so far: I know it will be a bit painful to translate since the text is timed (having it stop, like in Neptume mk.2 is quite handy if you don’t catch something at first) and well, kind of different than the games I played so far. Still, in my opinion the various characters make it a worthwhile challenge.

I’m honestly surprised…

By browsing through sites, I noticed that the Spanish site Akihabara Denno Gumi Universe has posted a translation of an interview the webmaster had with me through email. 

Here it is (Spanish language). It feels nice to recall some memories of the past once in a while, especially since I couldn’t still believe that dennogumi.org had been such a resource back in the days…

A retrospective view: Galaxy Angel

Recently I had the opportunity of viewing a DVD that I had bought in 2006 but never had the chance of seeing: it was the third season of Galaxy Angel, of which I had already viewed the first two years before. After viewing it, I realized I could have viewed it sooner, as I liked it quite a bit. Not only that, but I brought myself up to speed by getting what was left in the series, that is the second half of the third season (marketed by Bandai Visual as Galaxy Angel AA) and the fourth and final season (known in the English speaking market as Galaxy Angel X).

Well, I found the whole franchise quite good: and after having explored also other bits of it, including the manga and the games related to it, I thought it’d be nice to have a retrospective with my own views. Which is the point of this post.

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