KDE:Unstable:Playground is no more (or: adjustments in KDE repositories)

As you may know, there is an ongoing effort to rearrange and adjust the openSUSE KDE repositories. In line with the previously announced deletions, and more recent adjustments, a number of changes went into the organization and layout of the KDE repositories:

  • KDE:Distro:Factory and KDE:Release:4xy will now hold the “core” KDE packages: this means the base Development Platform, Workspaces and Applications, and additional applications for a basic desktop experience. Other, non-core packages have been moved to KDE:Extra
  • “Extra” packages that qualify as non-core are now in the KDE:Extra repository. If you are a previous user of KRxy or KDF, you might want to add the relevant Extra repository
  • KDE:Unstable:Playground is no more, replaced by KDE:Unstable:Extra

In addition, the repository page on the openSUSE wiki has been updated to reflect these changes. If in doubt, take a look there.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to hop on #opensuse-kde on Freenode, or use the opensuse-kde mailing list.

KDE in openSUSE: repository and maintainership changes!

Summer is ending soon (at least for those living in the northern hemisphere) and while usually cleaning is done during spring, the KDE team decided to do what I’d call… autumn cleaning of repositories.

You may know that the KDE presence in openSUSE, aside being the default desktop, is quite a long one. In the past years different repositories were created by the members of the openSUSE KDE team (at the time mostly made up by KDE people hired by Novell) in order to review and test packages, like newer Qt versions, KDE software, and so on. Fast forward to the present: nowadays the members of the KDE team are almost completely from the openSUSE community, and quite a number of changes went by the repositories as well. For example, newer releases of KDE software are submitted as maintenance updates for the latest available version of the distribution, and there are the KDE:Release:xy repositories for those who want the latest and greatest KDE software.

That also meant that a lot of repositories were unused, and were left bitrotting (and consuming the OBS’s precious build power). But no more! Recently, thanks to the input from Raymond (tittiatcoke on IRC), a rather large cleaning of repositories is taking place.

The following repositories are going to be deleted:

  • KDE:Qt45
  • KDE:Qt46
  • KDE:Qt47
  • KDE:Qt:Stable
  • KDE:Netbook
  • KDE:Qt50

In the (unlikely) case you are using them, you should remove them ASAP.

This repository instead will be moved (thanks kdepepo for reminding me):

  • KDE:Frameworks → KDE:Unstable:Frameworks

As with repository cleaning, there was also a reorganization of the maintainership, because a number of former maintainers had moved on. In practice this will mean that notifications and reports will get to the right people instead of just clogging the mailboxes of unrelated people. ;) Of course, the present KDE team stands on the shoulders of giants, and is extremely thankful for the work done by those people in the past.

That’s all, now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programs.

Last round of testing: 4.11 RC2 packages for openSUSE

The latest release of the KDE Platform, Workspaces, and Applications (4.11) is around the corner: in fact, the last RC was recently made available. We’re almost there, but it doesn’t mean that testing and reporting should stop: on the contrary, it is  needed even more to ensure that no bad bugs crawl up in the final release.

As part of this effort, openSUSE packages for RC2 have been released through the OBS, and are available in the KDE:Distro:Factory repository. Like always, please report upstream bugs to KDE directly, and use Novell’s Bugzilla for packaging or openSUSE specific issues. 
While 4.11 will be part of openSUSE 13.1, users of older versions will be able to install packages through the KDE:Release:411 repository which will be created after the official release. And now, back to testing!

KDE releases 4.11 RC1, and openSUSE packages follow!

The latest release from KDE moved from beta to RC stage, thus finding and reporting bugs is more important that ever. At the same time, the distribution packaging teams are also working in polishing their packages.

As far as openSUSE is concerned (not dissing other distros, just mentioning the one I’m involved in ;), you can kill two birds with one stone by installing the packages provided in the KDE:Distro:Factory repository. There are two kinds of issuses you need to report:

  • Issues in the software (bugs, crashes, unexpected behaviors, regressions…): KDE would like very much your feedback, so please submit detailed bug reports to bugs.kde.org;
  • Issues in the packaging (conflicts, missing files, improper installation…): in this case you may want to notify the openSUSE KDE team by filing a ticket to Novell’s Bugzilla.

You can also discuss about the upcoming release on the KDE Community Forums.

As this is not yet a stable release, this usually goes without saying, but I’m repeating it anyway: do not use these packages in production systems, install them only if you want to help testing. For everyone else, it’s much better to wait for the official release, which will also be part of the upcoming openSUSE 13.1.

That’s all. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get testing done!

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