Anime is short for Animation, and it’s commonly used to refer to the animation of Japanese origin. I’ve been interested since 1991 (though I’m a lot less up to date than before). When I was a student, I even wrote a couple of articles for the magazine AnimaniA.

Linux and Free software

I’ve been interested in Linux and Free software for a long time, since I was still in university. I like the fact that with Linux the control is complete, and I actually like to tinker with the operating system (I used to do that in the Amiga days, when I owned an A4000/040). After trying Slackware and Red Hat, I settled for Mandriva Linux for a long time. After being dissatisfied with the choices of the company behind it (while the distribution is good by itself) I switched to Kubuntu (the KDE version of Ubuntu), which is now my primary operating system (both at work and at home)
I’m interested mostly in free (as in speech) alternatives to programs that are now widely used on Windows, but also to smaller software that enables me to boost my productivity. I like the spirit of the GPL v2, that enables free sharing and improvement, therefore boosting competition. Though I’m mostly an user, I’ve been contributing sometimes, the most recent contribution being a patch for the Gaim instant messaging software to fix some display issues using the Italian language. You can sometimes find me in #kubuntu on the Freenode IRC network.

I am also learning the Python programming languge.