What’s cooking for KDE in openSUSE 12.3 – theming

Although the release of openSUSE 12.3 is yet to come, the people of the openSUSE community contributing to KDE are already at work to bring the best possible KDE experience for the new release.

One of the changes that started off already is the development of a new Plasma theme and color scheme. Based on the original Produkt theme, it has been adapted to be better integrated with openSUSE’s customary green:

Widget view

Aside from general changes, theming has also been extended to the new logout dialog from the next release of the KDE Workspace (4.10) which will be in openSUSE, and to the logout screen:

Lock dialog

Logout dialog

Last but not least, the theme extends to the alt-F2 launcher (KRunner) and to the system tray (shown is the new QML system tray from Plasma Workspace 4.10):

System tray

KRunner view

Don’t forget that everything is a work in progress.

This theme is the result of the hard work of the following people:

  • shumski
  • Raymond “tittiatcoke” Wooninck
  • Alin M Elena

Thanks also go to Melissa Adkins for reviewing the theme from a graphics design point of view.

12 thoughts on “What’s cooking for KDE in openSUSE 12.3 – theming”

  1. Very very very excited to see a renewed interest towards the user graphical experience, openSUSE deserves more! No more blue widget style color against the green wallpaper! :)

  2. Will the final theme also include a green icon theme like an updated version of oxygen-ionized?

  3. Great stuff.. I have to change the 12.2. theme for Caledonia to feel more confortable, but this work in progress is more polished, so I want it now in my 12.2! .. but well, I duppose I can wait for 12.3 :D

  4. New color scheme is based on Oxygen or Produkt? Gray windows with dark environment are not very good.

  5. Icons are also important – I like the monochrome icons – they should be enhanced with subdued and various colours, perhaps to blend in with this theme and with a couple of other lighter themes.

    I wish the polyester and other widget styles get some attention- everytime I try to use them, I run into issues of rendering/stability. I prefer widgets that have minimal styling, rather than standing out with kitchy 3D effects, large/gaudy edges and stipples and so on.

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