A brand new look for KDE Community forums

Today, a major upgrade of the KDE Community Forums took place. The change brings quite a number of changes to the forums themselves, and it’s a further step towards providing a better experience for KDE users (and developers too!).

The new forums, powered by phpBB, have a whole new theme, heavily inspired by KDE 4.3′s “Air” Plasma theme:

Image of the new forum theme

Not only the looks have improved, however. A number of features have been added:

  • The ability of tagging a specific thread;
  • A new, improved reputation system;
  • A friends connection system where you can mark other users as friends and interact more easily with them;

The popular section “KDE Brainstorm” has also received improvements, such as the ability of having a neutral vote, an improved voting pad, and a brand new look to match the one of the forums.

Image: new Brainstorm look

As a final note, we would like to thank phpBB developers cs278, naderman and NeoThermic for their kind assistance and great support during the migration process. Thanks a lot!

Take a tour around the new KDE Community Forums, and let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “A brand new look for KDE Community forums”

  1. The old one was definitely better. It had more contrast and wasn’t cluttered with graphics, you could see the votes in the “Brainstorm” section WITHOUT having to click on every single thread etc. etc.

    The New Design just sucks.

  2. I for one actually really like this new design. I have stopped going to forums for a long time but the KDE forums is one of those that I quite enjoy poking through nowadays – this theme really matches the fresh development work that is going on.

    The only problem I see is that it doesn’t seem to be a fluid layout which should feel a bit weird for some people with large resolutions.

    @blueget: we all have our preferences but I think perhaps maybe they can keep the old layout as a user option. Try suggesting that.

  3. TBH, I never understood why pbpBB wasn’t used from the start instead of finding some proprietary board and making it more open.
    I do agree that maybe more contrast is needed between rows though.

  4. @Matt Williams: At the start, there were just two people in the team, neverendingo and OhReally (the latter now retired from administration). Now the team’s much bigger , workflows and requirements changed, and that is why we moved to phpBB.

  5. It’s very pretty. However, there are a few UI/usability quirks I’d like to see addressed:

    - The forum category headings are pretty, but if you’re going to use that gradient, you really need to right-align it so that the gray goes almost all the way across. It loses almost all of its visual separation when it stops a quarter of the way across the page. It may as well not be there at all.
    - KDE has a consistent font in all of its branding, and the logo banner doesn’t use it. It makes it seem like an unofficial, vaguely-related site, instead of a part of kde.org proper.
    - The horizontal margins/padding around the “Search” and “FAQ” links look incredibly wrong and out-of-place. The search box below looks like it wants to be aligned with something in that header, but it isn’t. (Maybe “Advanced Search” or something would make a better link closer to the search button to remove visual redundancy and end-user confusion.)
    - The whole “Login/Register” thing up there is a tremendous waste of space and I can’t find a compelling reason not to have them in a single row aligned next to each other. And while I know this is a phpBB convention, I don’t think the “view latest posts/view unanswered topics” belong in the same place.
    - The “Forum/Topics/Posts/Last post” bit above the forum doesn’t actually seem attached to anything. With the UI structured the way it is, this really needs to be displayed below each category heading instead of once at the top.
    - The line-height of the fonts seems to be excessive and while it increases visual spacing, it seems to actually inhibit readability a little bit because there’s no margin between certain related items (see: spacing between forum descriptions and moderator/subforum lists.)

  6. I tried to register on the KDE forums last week and I have yet to get
    a reply. I’ve check my spam folder and there is nothing.. If
    I try to log in I get:

    The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems
    activating your account, please contact a board administrator.

    I tried to register again but it tells me that the username is already
    in use. Possibly there is a problem with the forums?? Anything that
    I need to do to get registered? The name I registered under is: Gen2ly.

  7. @Gen2ly

    We had some issues with mail which have been hopefully fixed. I have activated your account manually. You should now be able to post at the forums.


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